dan.jpgI was born to a family of 4 on July 4th 1985 and grew up in the suburb of Thornhill. My family history ranges from as far back as 1909 with my great grandfather’s arrival from Germany to Canada. During my after hours I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and playing sports (mainly basketball). I am particularly fond of the subjects of Philosophy, and Literature. At a young age I discovered that I had Fine Motor Skill problems that prevented me from performing certain tasks well such as: Drawing, Writing, and other forms of control. This meant that any work that requires the above would be difficult for me. Despite this I have been able to succeed in solving most of the problems that life throws at me. I am trained as a  Graphic Artist during my tenure at Seneca College for two years under the Digital Media Arts program. I’ve created a variety of artwork during my time there and wish to share them with you as I am confident you’ll appreciate what I have to offer, whether out of curiousity or as a means of employment.